Batman Takes on Superman, Greek Family Takes on Another Wedding, Drones Take on Terrorists

Batman v Superman The get-together not everyone’s been waiting for. Apparently, Batman doesn’t like the idea of Superman being the next best thing to God. So naturally, our shady pointy head takes on the big blue pretty boy thus leaving the world to wonder what kind of heroes they are. If the two don’t work things out though, the newest evil villain will take over the world while they pointlessly bicker. The whole concept seems kind of like it’s been lifted from another DC comics issue, but that’s what most comic book hero movies are nowadays. Mainly fixated on action and showing a lot in the visuals section, it’s basically for the action fanatic or just about any nerd into movies about heroes.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 As if one wasn’t enough. Since the last one was made, like, years ago, the filmmakers have decided to come up with a concept about the Portokalos family having a deep dark secret that brings everyone back together. Certainly in the comedy range, and judging by the trailer and the last movie it’s sure to plentiful in humour. Sorry, no Greek jokes . . .

Eye in the Sky – Ooh, dramatic thriller based in the UK. Helen Mirren plays the part of Colonel Katherine Powell, in command of a drone operation to take out some terrorists from Kenya. But things get worse when the terrorists turn it into a suicide mission. Okay, there’s not much else to say. I already described this last week. I don’t know if it’s that good a movie either. Seems like it’s full of action, but the story seems like it needs a bit more work.

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