Collisions (Review)

I figured it was about time to get back into watching a film by Traveling Productions once again. Today I watched a drama called Collisions.  Niels Schneider stars as a man named Henri, who is simply sitting paralyzed and stiff in his car after being the victim of a car crash. As Henri sits there, […]

The Bar (Review)

Gee, and I thought the folks at Traveling had a weird sense of humour. But this one is something else. The Bar takes place, of course, at a bar. A film noir comedy, they call it. Also an entry for the Hot Shot Shorts competition of 2007. A sad man by the name of Mac (Peter […]

Attack of the Brainsucker (Review)

Don’t be misled by the title, it sounds like some B movie from a drive-in, but the B movie content is pretty low. Traveling Productions is at it again, with one of the stranger science fiction films, and one of its few in English. Attack of the Brainsucker starts out with a little girl named […]