Morning After (A Work in Progress)

As mentioned earlier, Patricia Chica (A Tricky Treat, Serpent’s Lullaby) has started work on another movie of strange artistic value and semi-creepy visuals. Morning After tells the story of how a game involving French kissing and chocolate can get out of hand rather quickly when it causes five best friends to give away their inner feelings […]

Night of the Slasher (Review)

What can you accomplish all in one take? This short film explores the whole concept of a single take. I’ve been on several short film shoots like that, and man, those can be tedious. First off, it starts with our protagonist Jenelle (Lily Berlina) playing some music in her house without wearing any pants. Suddenly, […]

A Tricky Treat Going to Screamfest in LA

We mentioned earlier that A Tricky Treat, the short horror comedy by Quebec’s Patricia Chica, had picked up four awards at the Macabre Faire Film Festival: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Editor, and Best Special Effects. The four-minute film tells the story of a man kidnapped by an eccentric family on Halloween. But that’s not […]