Tribes – A Trainride of Trust vs Treason (Mini-Review)

Recently, one film we covered is being considered for an Oscar nomination. No wonder either, because it provides a powerful message, some great dialogue, and a really interesting way for things to get resolved… more or less. Starring three amazing people, directed by Nino Aldi, and perfectly produced by Patricia Chica, along with Jeion Green, Jake Hunter, DeStorm Power and Adam Waheed. Tribes is one film I enjoyed.

When three men of three different races rob a subway car of all the people’s possessions, there’s a chance something is going to happen during the crime, and I’m saying WAY before the police get involved. One African-American man named Jamar (DeStorm Power) chooses not to rob some black people letting them go, but his Arab-American associate Amed (Adam Waheed) does not seem satisfied with what he’s doing. Jamar refuses to get involved with robbing his people and Amed then states he doesn’t want to rob his people either. The last guy Kevin (Jake Hunter) wants to get in on the action too saying he doesn’t want to rob white people. Then the three begin to argue over which race suffers more and which race is more harsh to the other. Eventually the hostages chime in talking about their nationalities and explaining who they are. Jamar then realizes what they’re saying and starts to speak a truthful speech from the heart only for the thieves to split up everybody into separate sections of immigrant supporters and immigrant haters. The only two haters though are Kevin and a white bald guy. They end up having to sort people out through into groups of other factors. But who knows if anything will ever get solved between them and everyone else involved?

Like I mentioned, it’s a pretty powerful film for only 10 minutes long. It really is amazing what people can figure out, solve, and ultimately mess up when they bring certain traits into consideration. Maybe with how it’s depicted, maybe now people can figure out how fair treatment should really be done and why racism or any offensive behaviour shouldn’t even be around whatsoever.



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