The Naked Queen (Review)

No, it’s not what you think. Even I got misled by the title. This is a documentary about cannabis, and its benefits. Now this was shot in 2007 so things have changed since then. Some of them.

At first we’re introduced to a wandering man and are then shown the effects of old timey 3D animation with the faces of interview subjects on different planets. Before we get brought into interviews/talks with professors, growers, and druggies, the documentary starts out with a backstory featuring Pavarti, an ancient being who finds a special plant that helps cure her misery and Shiva’s exhaustion after his long journeys to other Goddesses. In other words, Cannabis helped bring together Pavarti and Shiva and was then given as a gift to humanity.

Continuing on, explanations of how cannabis has been found amidst civilization is shown, along with opinions by psychologist Bruce Alexander, Marc Emery (the “Prince of Pot”), lawyer John Conroy, and many other people who believe/understand that cannabis isn’t as bad as people make it sound. The documentary’s director Daryl Verville himself talks about how drugs give him strange dreams about historical figures, like he sees himself as Beethoven and suddenly gets two messengers at his door. Interesting that he heard the knocking since Beethoven was deaf, but hey, it was a dream.

I really enjoyed this. It was educational and really showed not every drug labeled bad actually is. I can see why people want to use this as a treatment for cancer instead of pricey hospitals. The people were honest with their opinions, the facts were very clear and well presented, and the arrangement was well done. I especially liked the director’s dream sequence. While I am strictly anti-drug, I respect people’s opinions on the matter (I have several Facebook friends who share articles about it). As long as something like cannabis is used in a proper way without overdosing, it should be considered OK. Sadly, the government forbids it to keep pharmacies in business.

(Image: Johny Deff)

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