New Screening, New Streamings, Old Footage

(via CBC.ca) Recently, Filmmaker Kevin Bryce of PEI has directed a documentary about bipolar disorder. The documentary entitled  All These Flowers has received recognition not only in Canada but around the world, even winning a golden standing at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards. Following the life of three individuals with the common disorder, this film provides a very powerful message on what it’s like to live with this issue. Bryce will be returning to PEI for a screening tonight at 7 pm at Centre 150 at Summerside.

Josiah Hughes of exclaim.ca writes that there are some new series and movies streaming on Netflix Canada. While there isn’t very much premiering next month, it would be interesting to check some of these out. On January 8, comedian Tom Segura is premiering his new standup special Mostly Stories, where he talks about his life and brings up the awkward yet funny. On January 23 Chelsea Handler will premiere her documentary series entitled Chelsea Does. TV series like Life’s Too Short by Ricky Gervais and Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments will be released in the new year along with all sorts of movies.

(via CBC.ca) Rare Film footage from Calgary in the 1920s has been found. CBC Calgary is currently working on a project called Calgary at a Crossroads which shows how life in the city went downhill years ago. A part of the Calgary Crossroads project includes some never before seen footage of 1920s Calgary shot by a filmmaker who remains anonymous to this day. The footage shows what cars, ladies’ fashion and many other things looked like years ago.

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