BRUNO (Review)

It’s not often I expand my horizons, but lately, I decided to take a walk on the wild side. Maybe because of frustrations. Here’s a short film and a character I can both relate to.

If there are two things Bruno (Bruno Bremmer) loves, it’s soccer and family. Anyways, Bruno and his sister Jo (Jolanthe Prüther) come home for some delicious dinner of canned ravioli. And a little trick involving Bruno’s mom (Andrea Hintermaier) finding a soccer ball in the fridge. Wow, and I thought my childhood pranks were cheesy. However Jo gets blamed for the trick and Bruno attempts to make it up to her. Their mother isn’t exactly the most stable person either and Bruno escapes the tension to avoid any more conflict and talk to his best friend (Ricco Boating).

It’s a very short film with minimal story. I can’t really say much about this without giving away a whole lot. Like most coming of age films I’ve watched, there’s not much to the plot. And it’s even shorter than most I’ve seen too. But it is something shot with a careful plot, relatable characters, and well organized shots. Some of the exterior angles are well placed and look rather artistic. The ending gives a good resolution to one of the few problems Bruno faces, and the whole film while simple is interesting to watch. Looking back, I feel I was kind of in this position too.

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