Exclusive – Let’s make some Films

We all know how difficult it can be to make a film. A daunting and intimidating process. There’s casting calls, scouting locations, securing permits, putting a crew together, etc. The list becomes very lengthy and overwhelming…but the show must go on. Now imagine that the list is already in place, the crew has already been assembled and all you have to do is determine the shooting date. This is the amazing idea that Barry Thomas Bechta has developed.

With a break in this winters snowfall, we managed to meet up for a coffee to discuss his novel filmmaking idea. Barry came prepared and showed me the proof in the pudding, I may have been eating a brownie but that’s irrelevant. For starters, Barry has been around the literary block for some time. In fact, he’s written an impressive 39 books. 29 are children’s stories, 18 are self-help/inspirational books and 2 are works of fiction. A fine example of a man that loves to contribute his wisdom and storytelling. He also has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to film financing. He highly recommends the books, From Reel To Deal, Bankroll and Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Considering the surmountable research he’s put into financing films and the effort required to produce it, he’s developed a strategy that is seemingly bullet-proof.  He is putting a team of people together that are extremely good at their selected fields of filmmaking. He’s acknowledged that they should all possess the right attitude and aptitude. On the attitude side, he’s considered that an individual is in one of three categories. Fear, frustration or fun. Fear would cover – this sucks for me now or this is bad for me now. Frustration – this is boring for me now or this is annoying for me now. Fun – this is good for me now or this is helpful for me now. It’s a relatively easy scale to help determine where you fit.

On the aptitude end of things, he’s constructed a pyramid to demonstrate what he deems as the most important requirements to making a film. At the bottom, it begins with Cash Flow. Above that, there is Communications. Systems is next, followed by Legal. At the top of the pyramid is Product. Team, leadership and Mission encompasses the pyramid. The illustration simplifies what is required and who is needed to accomplish it all.

The What, Why and How represent the following.

What – Mission to create a transparent film and television production company based on a deferred payment schedule with infinite growth potential to make, market and distribute feature film and television series productions that uplift and inspire.

The Why – To have fun by uplifting people through film and TV stories, while making money to enable us to make more films.

The How – How can we make this happen in a fun profitable way? High fun, High desire and High expectation.

Currently, Barry has six people dedicated to the project but is needing twenty five to make it happen. He’s put in the work to create the model, he is now in need of the bodies to make it all possible. It resembles a virtual production studio without the need of studio space. After my discussion with Barry, I’ve conceived that the sky is the limit once the glass ceiling has been shattered.
He’s hoping to have the team complete within two months. If you’d like to find out more about this terrific opportunity, please visit the link, www.meetup.com/lets-create-a-film-television-production-company

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