Family CHRGD and Premiere of Guilt

Family CHRGED is bringing out some brand new series for its programming, sure to be interesting to kids. Starting this month every Tuesday come three new series all about adventure. Starting June 14 are two series, Thunderbirds Are Go and Turbo Fast. Thunderbirds Are Go is an animated series which features five brothers battling “The Hood” to stop his evil schemes, from under the ocean to space, in the year 2060. Turbo Fast is another animated series which is based off the Dreamworks movie about adrenaline fuelled snails that go super fast and can use their powers to keep their town safe. Coming up on June 21 is Bear Grylls’ Survival School, where survivalist Bear Grylls takes 10 city kids into the wilderness to learn survival skills without video games, mom’s homemade cooking, or anything handheld.

Also premiering June 21 is a new mystery series called Guilt on Bravo. Guilt tells the story of a young girl that got murdered, and somehow her roommate Grace (Daisy Head) has been held responsible. To prove her innocence, Grace calls upon a rather strange lawyer named Stan (Billy Zane) for help, as well as her sister Natalie (Emily Tremaine) who has left her life in Boston to come vouch for her sister. But as the investigation continues to twist throughout many strata of society in London, Natalie starts to think that maybe Grace isn’t as innocent as she claims to be. Guilt is a co-production of Sea to Sky Studios and BV Family Productions in association with Freeform.

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