3 Clips You’ve Probably Never Seen (But Should)

The Clip: A Voice of America news piece on Paul Haggis’ 2013 feature Third Person. Why You’ve Probably Never Seen It: It’s one of three Canadian films that “fell through the cracks” according to this article by Martin Knelman in the Toronto Star. He notes that the drama, starring Liam Neeson and Mila Kunis, premiered to great fanfare and “opened in New York and Los Angeles last year, but in Canada it wound up going straight to DVD, despite the fact that Haggis is a Canadian who has won Academy Awards.” Why You Should See It: Well, besides its being a good film that never got its due, there’s this quote from Haggis: “It’s all completely true, except none of it happened.” And, as VOA notes, he “presents the filmmaker’s dilemma — living vicariously through others.”

The Clip: Official Trailer for Montreal filmmaker Tony Girardin’s documentary The Fire in the Frame, about Giuseppe Marinoni, who set a world record in cycling — at age 75. Why You’ve Probably Never Seen It: Specialization. Word of this film reached us via this article by Larry Humber in Canadian Cycling magazine. Why You Should See It: Marinoni’s willingness to do what it takes to be the best — even if it literally kills him — is inspiring. It also says a lot for what years of building bike frames in Canada can do for someone.

The Clip: Trailer for Tattoo Nation, one of the films at the Saskatoon Tattoo Arts Film Festival coming up April 5th-6th at the Roxy. Why You’ve Probably Never Seen It: Specialization again, also (looking at our reader stats) you likely don’t live in Saskatoon. Why You Should See It: To see how far tattoos have come (both in mainstream acceptance and just quality) and how focused a film festival can be.

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