Upcoming Films – Reckoning and Russian Adventure

There’s a lot that Neil Marshall has done, like Game of Thrones, and The Descent, but his recent work has been slated for a release in 2021. Marshall’s latest film, THE RECKONING was financed by Arcana Studio and Bondit Media Capital and has been sold to RLJ Entertainment and Shudder, who have the film slated for its release. It follows the story of a young widow named Grace, who is being haunted by her husband’s suicide and dealing with a witch-hunter as well as her own inner demons. THE RECKONING has already done well at being Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival’s opening film, and it’s currently being sold World-wide by Highland Film Group with more sales being currently discussed with American Film Market. 


Over at Hamilton Film Festival, the Russian film Anna has recently premiered and has done well there as well as TIFF and many more festivals both Canadian and Non-Canadian. It tells the story about a single mother who wants a new change in her mundane life and heads off to find love by meeting some American men who are exploring Russia. Currently, it is eligible for an Oscar and an Ophir Award. Here’s hoping it wins both of them.

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