TIFF, Mostly. And Film Release Tonight.

Cassandra Szklarski of The Canadian Press says that most Canadian features and shorts at TIFF that have made it through are being shown in the same category. International shorts and Canadian shorts remain merged together to show the diversity and international theme of Canadian culture.

Aside from the merge since last year, The Varsity’s very own John Shutt mentions that TIFF has surely changed since its very first festival which was exactly 40 years ago. It used to be in the beginning the only films to be released were of course Canadian and films that didn’t get released over the border. As the festivals increased, foreign filmmakers joining increased as well as to attract more foreign buyers.

Today, celebrities will be getting a special treat from TIFF. PR Newswire reports that a new erotic thriller, The BTS Project will be handed out at the Bask-it Style Gift Lounge to lucky VIPS. This quaint little movie is based on Montreal suspense novel, A Bedtime Story. The novel itself talks about all the things we have to deal with from time to time. The BTS Project is expected to make the reading experience much more exciting and interesting for fans.

Toronto based producer Byron Martin introduces a film called Serpent’s Lullaby. Being released tonight at midnight, this short film tells the story of an eccentric woman who lives all by herself in an ancient mansion. Not everyone knows her, but they have heard stories about her. Some believe she’s a killer, others believe she’s simply a widow. But things are about to change with a bold decision.

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