The Best, the Worst, and the Box Office

This won’t exactly be “news” in the sense of something unexpected, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken all kinds of records in Canada and worldwide, CBC News’ Jessica Wong reports.

The best 10 TV shows of this past year — and their opposite numbers at the bottom of the heap — are listed by The National Post’s David Berry. He seems to like his TV “messy and exciting and horrible and haphazard and hilarious”, kind of like life itself. Earlier, Berry, his paper’s resident skeptic, was assigned to watch a Star Wars marathon, and you can read his story of that here.

The Palm Springs International Film Society, which is welcoming so many Canadian films to PSIFF next month, also hosts the Palm Springs International Shortfest, taking place in June, and it’s open for entries now. Details here.

Coming up soon: More of Darren Wiesner’s interview with actor Raresh DiMofte of Amazon TV’s alternate history series The Man In The High Castle. Also, Nick Wangersky reviews the Canadian horror classic (?) Black Christmas, from the days of extravagant CanCon tax breaks, which screened recently in Vancouver.

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