A Candid Sit Down With Raresh DiMofte Part II

Continuing my conversation with actor Raresh DiMotfe revealed much about a multitalented artist’s mind.

Raresh earned his BA in Drama while living in Romania. Some years later, he and his wife Nadia moved to Vancouver. He found Vancouver appealing for its theatre and movie industry as well as a new life.

Considering his BA in Drama, I asked if Raresh had a favorite method of acting.

“Love this question… I’d love to use Grotowski’s style more, being more profound and pushing me to ask myself a tonne of questions before developing the character, but that takes time. Stanislavki’s method gives me more edge as it can be applied very fast, especially for TV where there is very little time for rehearsal. Both have their challenges and rewards. I’m lucky to always have the option to use the best one for the project.”

When it comes to acting, Raresh tells me about his preference: He is very fond of the theatre and has developed quite a palette for it. Unlike film, it gives him the challenge he craves. “Exploring and projecting a character’s history, beginning to end.”

He recently performed in the amazingly challenging and powerful play, Blasted, written by Sarah Kane and directed by Richard Wolfe at the Pi Theatre. “The bug is definitely back!”

He is also passionate about indie film with a good story.

Raresh also writes scripts and enjoys creating new worlds while cultivating a rich imagination.

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