Summer TV, ShowCanada in LA, and Reset at Cannes

Bell Media announces CTV’s new and upcoming summer schedule with new programs for the most watched channel among Canadians. CTV will be showing all kinds of amazing shows such as the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, the 2006 Iheart Radio Much Music Video Awards, The Amazing Race Canada, Masterchef, Motive, and so many more. There will also be premieres for new shows called American Ninja Warrior, OJ: Made in America, $100,000 Pyramid, and Match Game, all of which  are exciting new game shows, except for OJ, which is a drama series.

Speaking of series, coming back for a fifth year of programming is none other than Monster Week on Animal Planet, which features amazing new premieres for shows about the dangerous side of wildlife. Titles include Snaketacular, Venom Hunters: Liquid Gold, Killer Swarms, and Weird, True, and Freaky: Real Monsters. Sure to be dangerous, frightening and exciting.

Rebecca Pahle of filmjournal.com reports that ShowCanada is heading out to Los Angeles for a 30th year on air. While every year features a different location somewhere in Canada, this year they are trying something different because LA is the one place in the world where the film industry is strongest — and where the world of film came from.

Michael D. Reid writes in The Times Colonist about Jeremy Lutter, whose short film goes to Cannes this year. Lutter has proved himself to be a master of dramatic timing and feeling. His short film Reset  is about an android that gets feelings for her owner. It will be screened May 16 at the Marche du Film market.

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