Lonesome Dove’s New Music Video

(Via Wireservice.ca) Canadian band Lonesome Dove  has spent most of the last year working on songs to include on their upcoming E.P. which is coming out on June 30th. While it is going to be a while before we can experience the E.P., Lonesome Dove has also released a music video of their hit “Something Amazing” which shows a small sample of what to expect.

“Something Amazing” tells the story of the main character’s son, who always did great things until one night he is required to pay his debts and has to deal with a big issue. However, the son is always remembered as a good son for the amazing things he did in the past.

The video consists of shots of the band playing. It would be nice to see the story taking place in a wild west setting merged in between the room shots of the band playing. Have a young man looking like a cowboy meeting up his foe in a mysterious alley and trying to reason with them. Even have some exciting landscape shots of desert wasteland to really set the feel — but things like that require a big budget. What matters most about a band is how their music sounds, and this music actually sounds pretty amazing and smooth.

Lonesome Dove has been around, making music, since 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta.

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