Small Audiences, Drones, A Sequel, and Reinvesting in Culture

Brendan Kelley of the Montreal Gazette writes about the Quebec Film Gala and the fact that fewer people tuned into it. Gala du cinéma québécois has reached only 531,000 viewers, unfortunately  lower than last year’s rate of 720,000 viewers. Reasons for a smaller audience include the Gala’s formerly  having “Jutra” in its name, which was bad for publicity. (Another reason may be that people have already seen most of the films already.) However the main flaw may be the time they decided to air it at . . .

(via CBC.ca) Matthew Bingley reports that a Salisbury resident films everything with a drone camera. Graphic Designer Eric Goggin decided, after experimenting with his new drone,  he should focus more on the people of the landscape rather than setting the landscape to music. Goggin’s new videos take a dramatic new point of vision as they showcase his fellow residents doing things like figure skating and ATV driving.

Another sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean is filming in Vancouver as of this week, writes Kenneth Chan of Vancity Buzz. Once again, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Geoffrey Rush return to their roles as the mighty scallywags in the fifth addition of the series, Dead Men Tell No Tales. With the budget issues and delays due to Depp getting injured and having to resolve issues with Australia, the film will be released in May 2017.

(via broadcastermagazine.com) ACTRA seems pleased with the Canadian Government’s plans to reinvest in the cultural industry. The new government’s new election promises require it to invest in cultural institutions including CBC, Telefilm Canada, and even the National Film Board. Top executives at ACTRA are confident this will mean newer healthier relationships in the future.

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