Shaw Media-Hot Docs Winners, OIAF Features, Why Shivay Left Canada

$120,000 in grants from the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds have been awarded to five projects, Shaw Media has announced. Three completion grants totaling $100,000 go to How to Build A Time Machine (Primitive Entertainment), Spirit Unforgettable (Spirit Unforgettable Films Ltd), and Living with Giants ( MC2 Communication Média). Development grants totaling $20,000 were awarded to Send Us Your Brother (P & P Films) and The Forbidden Reel (Loaded Pictures).

(Via PRNewswire) Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) has announced its lineup of animated feature-lengths competing for Best Animated Feature: La Montagne Magique, (The Magic Mountain), Pos Eso (Possessed), Adama, and Over The Garden Wall.  None from Canada, but we’re well represented by short films. Besides, has Canada come up with anything like a full-length “clay animated comedy horror” that’s described as “part The Excorcist, part Ghostbusters”? (If it has, please tell us!)

Actor/producer/director Ajay Devgn abandoned the idea of filming part of his film Shivay in Canada because, he tells DNA India’s Upala KBR, he was expected to spend like Hollywood on a Bollywood budget. So the winter portion of the story will be filmed in Bulgaria instead.  Canada loses at winter? That’s just sad.

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