Oscar and Optik

Night of the Slasher, which Nick reviews here, will be eligible for an Oscar nomination if it wins at either of the two Oscar qualifying festivals it’s screening at: the St. Louis International Film Festival in Missouri, USA and the Foyle Film Festival in Ireland. This short, shot-in-one-take, self-referential horror film features a young woman committing all possible “horror movie sins” trying to draw a killer into the open. It’s written and directed by Shant Hamassian, who also produced along with Adam Lesar and Eve Constance. For the director’s statement and more, see here.

(Via MarketWired) Over 60 new local content projects in Western Canada will be funded to the tune of $3.2 million by Telus’ Optik Local program. The telecom provides funding and training to filmmakers and a platform for the finished projects, which are posted free on TELUS Optik On Demand as well as online. This year’s batch includes, just as a sample, Some Other Guys: “A documentary about a Calgary band that rivalled The Beatles, but refused to sell out”, which was shot in Calgary by Flat Four Productions, and BC Was Awesome, starringĀ  Bob Kronbauer of Vancouver Is Awesome.


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