National Lampoon, Nutcracker, and More

(via CNW) Global has recently released the pilot for new upcoming comedy show called Family Business. Starring Howie Mandel and Alex Mandel, Alex stars as an unemployed young man who lives in his father’s guest room and tries to make a living off making youtube videos. His father recommends he do something better. When Howie tries to figure out if his son is gay though, his questioning causes Alex to wonder if his father is gay. Chaos is sure to ensue. Recently the pilot has been released on globaltv.com and can be viewed here.

Dan Fumano of The Province writes that Keith MacKechnie’s small role in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is considered a tradition of sorts. North Vancouver resident MacKechnie appears for 21 seconds at the Griswolds’ door with a Christmas bonus cheque for Chevy Chase. He delivers some dialogue and then gets the door slammed in his face. Because of that minor appearance and the fact that the Christmas special shows every year, MacKechnie gets a small amount of money for every time it broadcasts.

TIFF is starting the new year with Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Starting January 8th and going on until January 17th, The Top Ten Film Festival will show Canada’s top 10 features, shorts, and student shorts. It will feature an onstage panel discussion with Tatiana Maslany and another later on with Kiefer Sutherland as they talk about their experience in their most recent work. Other events will include industry panels, Q+A sessions with industry professionals, and even opportunities to visit Canadian actors.

On thestar.com Martin Knelman has posted that a Nutcracker-type Christmas special is standing as the best animation on CBC this season. Having aired last week and broadcasting once more on Christmas day, The Curse of Clara tells the story of one girl named Vickie who dreams of filling the lead role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. However, things don’t get better when Vickie discovers she has a very strange curse on her.

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