Kidnapped in Romania (With Video), Saving Hope, Introduction Travelers

(Via Wireservice.ca) Today marks the North American release of indie feature Kidnapped in Romania, starring Vancouver’s Andrea Stefancikova. She plays one of a pair of journalists whose car breaks down on a lonely road, leaving them vulnerable to being . . . well, the title says it all. The road-style thriller drama is directed by Carlo Fusco (Sins Expiation) and written by Filippo Luciano Santaniello (Bloody Sin). See the trailer below. The film will be available on DVD at Amazon.

(Via PRNewswire) Season 5 of Saving Hope is under production now in Toronto, CTV has announced. The Season 4 finale of the original series ended in a cliffhanger, with a shot fired in the midst of an awards ceremony.

(Via CNW) Another original series — this one’s brand new — is being shot on location in Vancouver, Showcase has announced. The sci-fi series Travelers follows time travelers from the distant future as they project their consciousness into random people of our own era, secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future. Eric McCormack, who plays team leader Grant MacLaren, calls Travelers “a fantastic, complex story with some very rich and complicated characters” and says “I’m awfully happy to be one of them.”

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