Holmes & Holmes, VR @ MIPTV, and an Indie Gran

(via shawmedia.ca) Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. collaborate on a father and son project, a new TV series called Holmes and Holmes, which focuses on home renovation. Mike Holmes Sr. has explained that for the series pilot, he will be helping his son rebuild his bachelor pad so that Holmes Jr. and his girlfriend have a newer better place to live. This is going to be interesting seeing how the two renovators don’t always agree when they’re on a project together, despite the fact they both are very helpful and skilled in home construction.

Telefilm has announced that the latest in Virtual Reality technology will be taking the main spotlight at this year’s MIPTV. VR producers have been granted this special opportunity to show off their amazing products thanks to the help of Telefilm and CMF. Three different types of projects from Canada will be showcased just to see how impressive Virtual Reality really is. With the latest developments in technology, content producers are looking towards working with people in VR to create exciting new ideas and create more interesting content.

Jeff Lee of The Vancouver Sun writes that a Grandmother in New Westminster has become an Indie film producer. Goldie Smitlener had never known a single thing about making movies until just recently — but she finished her struggle of making the film, Stolen Path. Filmed in both Canada and Croatia, the film did remarkably well, winning a couple awards, and is currently on the road to being screened at several festivals in the States, as well as London, Singapore, and even Rome.


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