From TO to Telluride, to the Arctic, to Regina

Variety has plenty of TIFF coverage, from a U.S. perspective of course, starting with Awards Editor Tim Gray’s reflection that the first edition of the Festival, back in 1976, was the scene of a major letdown by Hollywood distributors’ execs. Jennie Punter has an exclusive on a big step for Andrew Cividino’s Sleeping Giant, and there’s more. Let’s say things have changed since 1976 . . .

. . . in some ways. The Telluride Film Festival, the weekend before TIFF, announces its lineup at the last minute. As The National Post’s Chris Knight writes, that sometimes means “world premieres” at TIFF really weren’t. There’s been a change to the TIFF rules over this and not everyone likes it.

Stepping away from the big city for a moment, The Fitzhugh has the story of how Ryan Bray, Jasper National Park’s digital media specialist, ended up in the Arctic making a documentary with landscape painter Cory Trepanier.

The Sabbatical, a Regina film, is set to screen at the Whistler Film Festival in December, the CBC reports. It’s about a professor who has a midlife crisis on sabbatical, and it’s written by Brian Stockton . . . a University of Regina professor whose sabbatical is coming soon.

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