Discovery’s Frontier Starting, Amazing Race Auditions Ending, SayNoToSpec Going Viral

(Via CNW) Discovery Canada today has announced its new drama series, Frontier, set among the fur traders of 18th-century North America, “in a world where business negotiations might be resolved with close-quarter hatchet fights.” The action-adventure series stars Jason Momoa, is directed by Canada’s Brad Peyton, and features a “star-studded international cast” including Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco and Canadian newcomer Jessica Matten.

(Via PRNewswire) If you want a shot at competing in The Amazing Race Canada, there’s just a week left to submit your entry — details are here. Quick summary of showrunner Mark Lysakowski‘s tips for applicants: Be yourself, speak up, choose the right teammate, be unabashedly Canadian, and have a great reason to win.

(Via PRNewswire) “Spec work is an antiquated process that dates back to the Mad Men era,” says Zak Mroueh and to prove it, he made a two-minute film where an architect, a personal trainer, a barista, and others are asked to provide some of their work free, “on spec.” Their reaction raises the question of why it’s okay for ad agencies — or any client — to expect the same from creatives. The video has gone viral in the week since it was released. Mroueh, founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo, urges people to join the conversation using the hashtag #SayNoToSpec.


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