Canadian Film People Have Lots to Say Today

“TV Is Dead, Long Live TV!” says Cartt’s Bill Roberts, covering the Banff World Media Fest. He writes at length about the continuing U.S. domination of the market, why it keeps going, and the government’s attempt at a response.

(Via CNW) Bell Media announced today from the Banff World Media Festival that Erica Landrock and Jennifer Little are the recipients of the second annual Bell Media Executive Producer Accelerator Lab Production Apprenticeships. They’ll be spending eight to 10 months at Force Four Entertainment and RTR Media, respectively.

The Georgia Straight goes on “asking Canadian film people what Canadians films they would recommend” and gets two new ones:  Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner   from actor Kevan Ohtsji and Outrageous! from its own senior editor Martin Dunphy.

(Via WireService.ca) The Enlightened Screen, presented by the Canadian Film Institute, will welcome Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg on June 20th to introduce and discuss his latest work, including his first major feature-length film, Antiviral. It’s “a disquieting sci-fi drama set in an alternate, slightly futuristic version of Toronto, in a society where celebrity illnesses are sold to obsessed fans.” The time is 7:00 PM and the place is Carleton University’s River Building Theatre.

RDG (Reel Deal Guys) Entertainment, a new Toronto based production company, tells us they’re starting production on a new film,  Adams Testament, with Degrassi star Luke Bilyk and Orphan Black’s Zoe De Grand’Maison. We hope to bring you more on this in days to come.


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