Banff Master Classes, Sask Lighting Workshop, Up and Down in NS

(Via CNW) Banff World Media Festival, taking place June 12th through 15th, has announced four more master classes added to the schedule. They’re described as “HBO Super-Sessions featuring some of the biggest names in the global entertainment programming and creative community.” Topics include comedy, HBO films, and more. Read about it here.

There’ll be a lighting workshop at the Saskatchewan Soundstage June 18th through 19th, SMPIA announces, put on by its board member Layton Burton. The topic is “the principles of effective lighting, including a focus on the styles of German Expressionism.” That would explain the Dr. Caligari graphic on the SMPIA news page . . . While you’re there, catch the clip of Saskatchewan filmmaker Lucas Frison on CTV, talking about his crowdfunded film Talent.

CTV Atlantic (with files from Sarah Ritchie) relays NS creative Shelley Thompson’s experience at  “a shoot in Toronto where nearly half her crew were former Nova Scotians.” Back in NS, the low dollar could mean 50 to 60% as much production as in previous years — the rest of the country is certainly expecting a production boom, especially, you guessed it, TO and Vancouver.  Read the good news, the bad news, and the rest here.

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