5 Top Canadian Film Stories on Friday the 13th

The good, the not so good, and the caught in the middle . . .

  1. Some not so good news about the National Film Board cutting costs, which of course means letting staff go — 16 of them, including eight workshop educators in Montreal and Toronto — and no increase in production funds. Read about it in the Brandon Sun, here.
  2. Chris Knight calls the new Cinderella “frightfully earnest” but says “But what the film lacks in winking, it more than makes up for in twinkling and sparkling.” Read his review at the National Post, here.
  3. “In Calgary,” says Justin Robinson, director of the documentary Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate About Our Future, “There are people who are offended by it because they think it leans to the left.” But in Colorado, he got heckled by someone accusing the film of shilling for the fossil fuel industry. Something to think about seeing; read about it in the Calgary Herald here.
  4. The work of Swedish director Ruben Östlund, coming to Carleton University as we told you earlier,   is also on show for Vancouverites, as his controversial Play and black comedy Force Majeure are screened at Cinematheque this month — read details here.
  5. Also in Vancouver, Once Again, directed by Sanjay Arora, filmed in Delhi, and inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, has picked up a Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival — read a complete list of winners (so far) here, along with details about the CIFF, and read more about the film at the South Asian Observer, here.

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