3 Revisited: BC, CRTC, and The Envelope (Please)

On this Monday morning we’re catching up with further news on a few stories we brought you earlier.

It seems there may be only two reasons not to worry about the BC film industry, after all. Although the Godbout Report recommended doing away with the reimbursement of tax incentives for larger businesses, the government of Québec will not be going with that recommendation. It’s also decided to increase tax credits for Québec film and TV productions and other media projects. So there’s less chance of productions being driven to BC. Still, as the  Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC) says (via CNW), “the province’s position has dropped a few notches since the [June 2014] cuts, especially when compared to neighbouring Ontario.”

The CRTC is continuing to lay down the law to cable companies and wants viewer’s input on what that law should be. Specifically:

  • What kind of information should cable and satellite providers give subscribers when they sign up?
  • How much notice should cable and satellite providers have to give when they change the price of channels or packages of channels?
  • What would constitute a reasonable timeframe for service calls by cable and satellite providers?

You can begin the process here. (Via CNW).

The Envelope by Vittorio Rossi, the stage play that takes “dead aim at Canadian film producers and government bureaucrats who ‘make movies that no one ever sees'”, according to the Montreal Gazette’s Victor Swoboda, here, has opened at the Centaur Theatre. We told you a little about it here. And here’s Rossi talking about his frustrations with trying to make films in Canada.

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