6 Film Stories from Canada This First Day in May

“We’re not trying to be Netflix,” First Weekend Club executive director Anita Adams tells The North Shore News in regard to her group’s Canada Screens streaming service. (We covered its debut here.) They’re not going for a selection of thousands, but for quality Canadian films as determined by curators from the film industry.
The Vaughn Film Festival has announced its nominees for Best Film, Yorkregion.com reports. The Canadian nominee, The Present, directed by Hank Devos, follows a man who travels back in time to see the love of his life — though he knows he can’t do anything to change the present.
Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is the highest-grossing film presale in Cineplex’s history, the theatre chain says in a press release on Marketwired.
Waterloo is holding its own film festival, Canada Film Days 2015, at Princess Cinemas until May 7, The Waterloo Region record reports. Canadian films are highlighted, from Goin’ Down the Road to the recent doc Being Canadian, including others, like All the Time in the World and Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame, that we’ve covered here.
The CBC’s On the Coast tells us the 14th Annual DOXA Documentary Film Festival returns to Vancouver this week. A commenter says there should be a profanity warning on the story, but that’s just because of doc titles like GTFO: Get the F&#% Out (it’s about Gamergate).
And from the CBC again, filmmakers in Regina are hoping A.R.C.H.I.E, the story of a girl and her robotic dog, may help revive the industry in Saskatchewan.

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