How to write a good film review essay?

A review is an opinion or analysis given by someone on a particular thing. It can show the positive or negative sides of that thing. A review on film or movie is also a type of analysis or evaluation describing the central theme, limitations, mistakes, and positive impacts. When a person searches to watch a film, he visits the review section to decide whether the film is interesting or not. A review about the film can be as simple as an ordinary person sharing his opinion or a complex, complete, and well-researched review. Reviews about a movie can be set in the form of a news article, like essay writing services, audio or video record, or written in the form of a summary. People share their reviews about a movie in radio, TV broadcasts, news publications, seminars, promotion conferences, YouTube vlogs, and blogs.

How to write a movie review

This article will provide you some guidelines that may guide you to write a good review.

  • Observe the complete movie: Before writing a good review about the movie, it is necessary to completely watch the whole film. Watching the entire movie will provide you with the essential data about the film. You will be able to create good content. We suggest you watch the film twice or even more to make more thoughtful content. Watching the movie twice will guide you to note other movie categories like music, acting, cinematography, theme, and other essential parts. Every time you repeat the film, it will give you the latest information and knowledge.
  • Start with a hook: While writing an introduction about the movie, you need to use very simple and conversational language. An easy and simple tone will engage more people to watch and read your review. Simple sentences attract more people because not everyone who is visiting your reviews is well-educated. Use the words that anyone can understand.
  • Add a simple summary: A summary in the form of a paragraph is necessary for starting a good review. Provide a general knowledge about the main plot of the film, the leading characters, and music. In summary, you must add the director of the movie and its releasing date in the cinema. Adding the name of the leading role can be the plus point in your review. Watch the movie repeatedly to find any related information that you may skip while watching it for the first time.
  • Draw your opinion: If you write a review about a film, you must know all the essential information to create a well-organized analysis. Watch the film by yourself. Don’t rely on the information provided by another person. Use authentic details about the movie in your review. Accurate information and evidence will make your review more thoughtful and sustainable. While writing a review, compare your movie with other films with the same events and themes. If you find one, then compare your film with people’s work.

When you sit and write all the facts and figures of the movie, then evaluate the movie and share your comments about the movie. Your comments will show if the movie has a strong storyline and graphics or not.

Five tips for writing a movie review

We have shared some tips that may attract the reviewers and help them write an attractive and quality review.

1- Take notes

Keep your notes with you when you are watching the film. Note all critical and important points that should be added to the review. Write about other interesting factors that the audience is interested in, like theme, lighting, performance, and music.

2- Do in-depth research

If you want to write a well-researched review, then you need to think and research. The storyline is a general thing that anyone can describe in simple words. But in a well-researched and well-organized review, you need to evaluate character development, cinematography, graphics, acting, production, direction, and structure of the film story.

3- Avoid the material that may spoil your review

You need to avoid rough material that can negatively impact the quality of your review.

4- Watch the movie twice or more

Watching a movie twice or more can be more helpful to write a good review.

5- Edit

Make sure to proofread and edit your content before publishing it on a website or newspaper. Read the content more than one time carefully, check its readability and grammatical mistakes.


It is an interesting job to write a review about a film. When you watch a film to write a review, your sense of watching a film is different from the person who watches and forgets about it. It can be challenging for beginners to write an attractive and useful review about the movie. But if you watch out the film carefully and note all its critical points, it may help extract some helpful content. The tips and descriptions described in the above paragraphs can also help you to evaluate your review.

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