How to recognize if online casinos work honestly or not?

Rumors about the fact that online casinos are not honest are just as funny as those rumors about the special very powerful magnets attached to the bottom of the roulette wheel. These are similar ballads and are distributed by those characters who have never played gambling games themselves. And progress never stands in one place – nowadays a large number of gambling houses are on the Internet and at the same time operate very successfully compare to traditional land-based casinos.

However, cyberspace HAS a lot of scammers as well, so you should find out what can await you if you suddenly find a dishonest online casino. And here comes one of the most important problems for all inexperienced players is the so-called “tweaked” casinos. In such casinos, the software itself, which is responsible for modeling all the results of the game, is written with the addition of adjusted programming code. And subsequently, the gambler simply cannot win from such a gambling house – these “adjustments” simply will not allow him to win ANY MONEY.

Trusted online casino CasinoRex

All the most dishonest casinos simply use a wide variety of deception methods, and they do not hesitate to use even the dirtiest ones. According to statistics, those players who have chosen their gambling house incorrectly may simply face such problems as:

  • Losing money from deposits;
  • Absence of withdrawal of funds;
  • Casino edge over the player unrealistic (in other words you won’t be able to win);
  • The casino can block/ban a user without any reason.

How to avoid such a case?

Here, in principle, the answer is very simple – you just need to look for it, and not rely entirely on the first random gambling house. And in such difficult searches, first of all, all the reviews from experienced players, and also a large number of resources, on which all the ratings of the most honest casinos that have an excellent reputation on the network, are compiled will help you. However, all these resources should also be selected very carefully, because the owners of all dishonest casinos also make their pseudo-rating websites. As an example of an honest gambling site, you can take a look at CasinoRex – https://www.casinorex.com/en-CA/games/new. There you can find all the info about the official license for conducting gambling activities in the network. The presence of a license is the number one guarantee of honest operation over the network.

Besides, when conducting searches, you should pay attention to the opinion of all special auditing companies that check the casino and game results. This process goes like this:

The auditor is the parallel control server -> The computer records the results of all draws – > The results of the game and control servers are compared at the end of the check for various discrepancies.

If no discrepancies are found, then the auditor generates a report on payments, which is then officially published in the log.

The very task of a gambler is to choose the casino that has passed such a check at least once, and secondly, just to read this report and make your own informed decision.


In any case, do not relax when you decide to play slots online, and just regularly check whether the gambling house of your choice is operating in good faith. Of course, you should also try not to accumulate various winnings on your balance – just take them right away if you won something. There is no need to give in to the temptation of casino owners.

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