Can I Combine Two CBD Vape Liquids Together?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the family of cannabis Sativa plants. Marijuana is also part of this family. The popularity of CBD is growing in the global market. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not possess psychotic effects.

You can purchase various CBD products from sites like https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-juice/. You can find CBD vape liquids, CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, etc. In all these ways, vaping is now one of the most common and easy ways to intake CBD.

However, there are various doubts people have while vaping CBD, such as, Is it safe to mix two CBD juices? Most people want to combine their CBD liquid for multiple reasons. But before doing that, there are some things you should know about mixing CBD vape juices.



Is combining CBD Vape Juices Safe?

You can consume the cannabinoid of the cannabis Sativa plant in a wide variety of ways. You can use vapes, gummies, tinctures, oils, etc. Like CBD vape juices offer a variety of flavors, strengths, strains, and concentrations. There are subcategories also. 

Most people want to try all the unique vape juice before picking the one that suits them the most. Thus, they carry a wide variety of juices with them. A common question they have is whether they could mix these liquids or not? Is there any harm in it? 

In simple terms, Yes! You can mix the two different juices. Combining two CBD vapes does not create a huge impact. You can vape a combined liquid comfortably. It will not impact your device or make you sick. But this does not mean that you can mix the vape juices in the way you want. There are some things or factors you should consider before combining the liquids. 

Factors to Consider Before Mixing CBD Vape Juices Together

When you decide to combine two vape liquids, you cannot just mix any two juices without considering anything. Here are a few factors that need your consideration.  

  • The Strength of the Juices

As you know, every juice has its unique strength. Here strength signifies the concentration of CBD. That means the strength of the vape liquid you use is directly proportional to the benefits you will receive. 

This step of deciding the specific strength and combining the juices to get that particular strength is vital, especially for people who take it for medical purposes. If you consume CBD in a specific dose, then you should not compromise with the strengths. The best way to get a particular concentration is by mixing two juices that contain the equal Milligram of CBD. Otherwise, you might not get a different strength of juice than what was suitable for you.

  • The Quality of the Juices

Some CBD enthusiasts try to mix a low-quality CBD vape juice with a high-quality one. They might do it to save some bucks or to save themselves from wasting a low-quality product that they purchased mistakenly. However, you should avoid doing this. 

Mixing two different qualities of the product might affect your vaping experience. You might not get the desired results.  

  • The Flavour of the Juices

You can purchase CBD vape juice in various flavors online and mix them, but you should always stay careful while mixing. That is because some flavors are intense and might hide the taste of other juice completely. Also, some flavors go better together than others.

For example, combining a CBD vape juice containing mint flavor with a vape juice containing fruity flavors like watermelon, orange, etc., will enhance the taste. But mixing a chocolate flavor CBD vape liquid with a sour candy flavor might not work well with your taste buds. 

  • Type of CBD Extract

Various sites offer CBD vape liquid containing any of the three extracts of CBD. They are CBD isolate, CBD broad spectrum oil, and CBD full-spectrum oil. All these three extracts contain the goodness of Plain Jane CBD but have unique concentrations. They might also include other cannabinoids to give additional benefits. 

Each individual might have a different choice in extracts. You can mix the juices either with two other extracts or similar extracts. There is no harmful impact in any of the two ways; However, if you combine two juices carrying different extracts together, you might not get the experience you were looking for.

  • The Strains of the Juices

Each strain provides different effects. You might wish to get them together but stay careful while combining CBD vape juices that contain different strains. Research about it carefully and then decide whether mixing the two strains ( you want to mix) would not harm you.

So, these are some of the things to keep in mind while combining two vape juices. But the question is, Why mix these liquids? The subsequent paragraph answers.



Reason to Combine Two CBD Vape Juices Together

There are various reasons to mix CBD vape juices. Some of them are:

  • If You are Running Low

You might have a pack of CBD vape juice containing juice in a small amount, not enough to fill the entire tank. In such a situation, you can mix the remaining drops of that juice with another pack of CBD e-liquid, making it sufficient for vaping.

  • You Might Want to Mix Flavours

This is one common reason behind combining two vape juices. People love to mix the juices with different flavors and get a new one that is comparatively tastier and pleasant to them.

  • To Get the Desired Strength

You might have CBD vape juices of different strengths. But none of them match with what you want. For example, if you have a liquid that offers 2 Mg CBD per puff and another one that offers 6 Mg CBD per puff. Now, 2 Mg is too little for you while 6 Mg is overdose for you. So, you can mix them up and get perfect strength.

So, these are some situations in which you might want to combine your Vape juices.


Combining two CBD vape Juices will help you to enhance your experience with new flavors and strengths. This way, you can never run out of a different CBD vape juice to try.  

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