7 Unique Film Shoot Locations in Los Angeles

Location scouting can make or break any film project. From small-scale independent productions to big-budget blockbusters, finding venues that help you tell a story is crucial. And in a city like Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of excellent film shoot locations to choose from.

No matter the project, the budget, or the style of scene you want to create, you’ll find abundant creative opportunities within easy reach of downtown LA. Let’s take a closer look at just seven of the thousands of Los Angeles film shoot venues available to give you a small taste of the huge variety of the diverse and unique options on offer.

Alt text: Camera crew filming man and woman sitting at table in darkened room.
Alt text: Man in white shirt filming in industrial-style storage space.

1. Retro Electronics Lab

Step back in time to the high-tech days of the 1980s in the Retro Electronics Lab. This 800-square-foot space is packed full of vintage electronics that were cutting-edge for their time, but that now ooze retro cool. We’re talking racks filled with old computers, microscopes, oscilloscopes, and spare parts. If you’re looking for a lair to suit a mad scientist, this might be the perfect fit.

2. Blue Cloud Movie Ranch

Offering 250 acres of picture-perfect scenery and sets, the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch offers creative opportunities galore. Located within the Los Angeles County 30-Mile Zone, this remarkable ranch has something to suit just about every project.

Third-world street setting? Check. Army operating base? Check. Airplane hangar, abandoned gas station, moody mountain-top plateau? Check, check, and check. And with the variety of sets expanding all the time, there’s always something new worth exploring.

3. RagDoll Pink Palace

Sometimes you stumble across an LA film shoot venue that is truly unique — this is one of those times. RagDoll Pink Palace is a life-sized dollhouse that offers a host of memorable creative opportunities. 

Highlights include the Pink Barbie/Childlike Living Room with its vibrant pink piano and heart-shaped seating, the 1950s-style kitchen with its retro refrigerator, and the glamorous styling of the Baroque Powder Room. If you can’t find anywhere worth shooting here, you might need to consider a career change.