What Star Trek Beyond Did for BC

(Via CNW) What has the film industry done for this country’s economy lately? And who’s had the benefit of it, other than those who’ve been able to land jobs in the industry?

MPA-Canada has an example, complete with the numbers.  The production of Star Trek Beyond (which just opened Friday), over the course of 78 days of filming, was responsible for over $69 million spent in British Columbia. That included:

  • Over $17 million on rentals, including transportation, truck and car rentals;
  • More than $1.75 million on hotels and catering;
  • More than $1.6 million on hardware and lumber supplies; and
  • Almost $600 thousand on local wardrobe and dry cleaning services.

(That’s all in Canadian dollars. Still impressive.)

“The film and television industry is a creative and economic engine for British Columbia, benefiting local businesses, thousands of cast and crew, and communities across the province,” says Wendy Noss, President, Motion Picture Association-Canada. “The data released today demonstrates the significant impact the industry continues to have both provincially and nationally.”

As far as direct involvement with the production, the film’s version of the U.S.S. Enterprise was built at Vancouver Film Studios. Local cast, crew, and extras were hired at a cost of $40 million. Altogether, some 3,925 BC residents took part in the making of Star Trek Beyond.

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