Online Gambling: Who Is in Profit after a Shutdown?

A recent study by Bonus Finder found that searches for online casinos increased by 100% due to the closure of major land-based gambling establishments and the cancellation of sports broadcasts. The tipping point happened on August 12, when more players were looking for “online casinos” than “sports betting”. What does it mean for the whole industry? Let’s figure out.

Who Is in Profit?

In recent months, Google Trends has found a sharp burst of activity in the number of people looking for “online casinos” after land-based establishments shut down. Those countries that actively invested in the regulation of online gambling, have noticed a huge increase in income received from such institutions. To stay being relevant, most Canadian casinos expanded the options of accepted payment methods so that the players feel comfortable and safe. In this way, online casinos substitute the offline ones for numerous players and generate very good profits consistently.