Festivals and More

At the Female Eye Film Festival in TO, the gala screening of Ingrid Veninger’s He Hated Pigeons will feature “a one-time-only live score improvised by Canadian singer/songwriter Jane Siberry“ reports Chris Knight in The National

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ICFF Going to Pinewood, Analogue Coming Back, TUFF Moving Ahead,Prize Goes to CNW

(Via PRNewswire) Once again, the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) Industry Day will include giveĀ  members of the film and gaming industries, the press and students a rare opportunity to spend a day at Pinewood

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Canadian Shorts at ICFF

(Via CNW) This year’s Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) “includes a bright spotlight on features and shorts by Italian Canadian filmmakers,” says Artistic Director Cristiano de Florentiis. With the Festival running for 11 days, June

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