Wilder (Review)

Pam Grier plays Detective Della Wilder, on the case against Dr. Sam Charney played by Rutger Hauer. One night Dr. Charney’s wife Vera gets strangled to death by a blonde assailant. In the meantime, Wilder catches the owner of a skating rink banging an underage girl in his office.

Anyways, Vera’s killing is now being investigated by a crowd of feds, but Captain Jerry Crandall (John Dunn-Hill) puts Wilder and her partner Detective Harlan Lee (Romano Orzari) on the case. While Charney is a prime suspect himself, there are hardly any helpful clues. What can you figure out from a murderer who puts his victim in a giant suitcase?

Unexpectedly, more victims come into the mess such as various single women and a man named Rick (Richard Robitaille) who got promoted to working as a chief salesman for female pharmaceuticals. As the two buddy cops investigate their case, Dr. Charney performs an autopsy on his wife’s corpse to figure things out. Once Wilder and Charney figure out more of the truth behind murders they have to stage one of the most bogus crimes of the century.

Okay, watching this was a pain. But piecing together this review was even more of a pain. The story is a big jumbled mess of nonsense, the dialogue consists of stupid pointless jokes, the editing is confusing (some scenes had way too many shot changes throughout) and even ridiculous (some scenes ending on freeze frames) and the characters are overdone predictable stereotypes found in most of these types of movies. In other words, the writer wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t know funny, the editor might’ve had a low attention span, and the director should’ve tried working on a different film altogether.

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