Wild Life (Review)

Yeehaw! Git along now, pardners! It’s not often I come across a short that happens to be done in Western style. This here quaint lil cartoon takes place in 1909 Alberta at what seems like a ghost town. Our star is an Englishman voiced by Adam Blackwood with a happy desire to enjoy his own wide open acres and we are brought into a mighty fine montage. And then a darn good masking effect as our English man explores nature, or what there is of it in his empty acre.

Life in the prairies is great even if the other townsfolk don’t particularly enjoy the company of this fellow. But before long, the Englishman gets downright sad about his life, as he is slowly turning into a cowboy. Things get worse when winter be coming. In between scenes of this er, western, we get random title cards giving facts about the lifestyle of comets. What they start out as, their journey through space, and how they were once considered deadly and dangerous.

The animation is a bit skippy and some of the people’s faces are creepy, and the texture is not the most colourful at times. There’s not a whole lot going on in this story. Just an Englishman/cowboy struggling to adjusting his lifestyle in Alberta and nothing else, really. Oh, and comets. Somehow, comets are  artistically symbolic in this flick . There might be a connection with the western life but it’s very subtle. It just shows adjusting to changes isn’t always very easy.

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