Warigami – Superb Series Firmly Folded into Worthwhile Work

Nobody would’ve ever thought how deadly paper can be. Sure it’s made from cutting down trees, and everyone gets a paper cut now and then, but never has it really been used as a weapon. Maybe once or twice, but not in this particular method. Warigami is a tale of a few people who experience strange happenings. It all starts out when two failure-iffic thieves named Vincent (Kai Bradbury) and Mark (Akiel Julien) can’t seem to loot any place properly to satisfy their boss Banta (David Hewlett). But one particular instance, Vincent somehow realizes he has the power that happens to be possessed by another woman named Wendy (Emily Piggford). After throwing an envelope and getting unexpected results, Wendy and Vincent both part ways at the same time wondering what this means. However, when Wendy reveals this power to her grandfather James (Hiro Kanagawa), he knows they’re in trouble and they have to keep themselves hidden. Sadly, it’s already too late when some long lost foes have already tracked him down and are now looking for an ancient scroll to give them special powers. Once Wendy and Vincent realize they are actually related by blood they must join forces to fight against the Akuma who killed their parents. At first, things are rocky between the twin siblings who barely know each other. Vincent instead thinks he can use his new powers to make him stronger and somehow pay off his boss’s debt. After attempting to steal money from a top secret gambling game, a high ranking member of the Akuma, Sadako (Miho Suzuki) learns of the twin’s location and tracks them down rather quickly. Although she fails to win (thanks to Mark and his quick thinking), Sadako is held hostage having been tied up by the twins and Mark who now serves as an associate. Sadako explains the Akuma are on the hunt for the ancient scroll they plan to use it to abolish the world of technology, while Vincent and Wendy have to save their grandfather from the Akuma and regain the scroll thus becoming the new keepers of it. After they finally discover the secret Akuma base being hidden inside the public library, the team raid the building to find James, and hopefully get to the scroll before the Akuma do.

It’s one of the most interesting series that I have ever seen this year. The concept is thrilling and neatly-arranged even if it does seem a bit complex at times, playing out rather simply. Not only does it play along with action, but it also has some hilarious humorous parts that really play strongly in the whole scenario. It almost seems as if the majority of characters come from different series of different genres, but they somehow miraculously fit together in this instance. Aside from their personalities, they also show some incredible skill in combat, whether it be both armed or unarmed. Adding to the combat, the visual effects used are something else. Like I mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t expect someone to have paper somehow form into a sword, but the effects pulled that off with the greatest abilities I have seen. I have never seen paper arranged and folded like that before, not even outside of media/fictional series. The majority of the lighting/colour scale tends to be dark and fair-toned but there’s a good use of redness for more intense locations and the concluding scenes are more well established even if they’re outside. The whole series was perforated at good moments, gently folded and arranged into a well-shaped design, much like most origami. A twisted, intensifying, powerful series that’s stronger than paper itself, Warigami is worth checking out. It’s only at the first season so far and it’s already doing good, so the second season is sure to be even more exciting.

Season 1 is currently available to view here.




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