Twoview: Weird Animated Shorts

Lucky and Finnegan – As if a certain documentary I watched wasn’t weird enough, I stumble across something stranger. I don’t know how to describe this because it’s so surreal. I guess it’s all these kinds of journeys of strange fantasy creatures as they wander through different places like underground, a rainforest, into a volcano and then into a creature’s mouth, into a dark world and then into space. I don’t get it at all. There isn’t any plot and the animation, while flawless, is still the most abstract thing I’ve ever seen. It made no sense. The song accompanying this whole thing wasn’t too interesting either. Okay, the instruments were fair enough, but the lead singer sounded like he needed some cough medicine. And I didn’t understand too many words in that whole garbled warblemesh. I guess he’s telling a bartender named Jim about how he somehow saved the world. Forget that mess, I decided to see something less abstract.

Pop – Okay, maybe I didn’t see something less abstract at all. In a journey describing the history of the world, from the beginning to the year 2012, the short discusses the origin of life or something like that. Most of the time it’s in and out of black and white shapes with the occasional wavy lines showing what I think is the beginning of the world but I don’t understand a thing. Everything is so weird, I don’t understand the story. While it doesn’t make sense to me, I will admit the animation with the glass with black and white paint technique is actually kind of cool. I don’t get the origin part as described in the synopsis, but I guess it’s open for anyone’s interpretation on what it really is. I don’t know why I watch weird stuff like this.

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