The Runner – A Digital Series That Picks Up The Pace

Drugs are bad. Everyone knows the effects they have on us. But it’s not just drug users who are at risk. Those who deal drugs especially of the illegal type, are also at risk. Risk of arrest, death, maybe even more. But in this particular case, our protagonist Nate (Tyler Blake Smith) has an issue that’s only sure to get worse. As he’s driven an entire shipment of heroin on his journey, somebody has managed to steal the car with the drugs still in it. One should never leave valuables of any kind in a car (someone I knew learned that the hard way) but now Nate is wondering what will happen next. At first, his boss Roman (Gregory Hlady) seems pretty chill because he treats Nate like a son. However Roman does give him a new task in hunting down a girl named Zoe (Nicola Posener) who supposedly has caused some issues with Roman’s associate, Mark. However, if Zoe gets turned in, she will die. But if Nate doesn’t turn her in, he’ll die. So now they end up having to think of a solution that will work out best for both of them. However the journey back only causes Nate to run into numerous obstacles like making a dangerous stop in Quebec, meeting an acquaintance (Len Greenaway) who only ends up being an enemy that nearly kills him, and worst of all, nearly dying while getting away from Roman because of the serious tension rising between the two. As the episodes play, there are flashbacks that show what happened to Nate’s late wife, some big accident within their family, and how he and Roman decided to move to Toronto for the better. What it all boils down is to if Nate is going to leave the country or stay depending on what happens.

It’s a serious series about a very dark and edgy topic for a plot. The characters are well written, the details are thought out perfectly, and the story was one of the best I’ve ever gotten to check out. It’s amazing how it manages to twist itself around and get into some crazy incidents without any warning. There’s no telling what will happen, or if things will work out. A good amount of surprises, and a sheer amount of edginess around every corner, The Runner is one series that focuses on a runner who runs until he can run no more. Definitely worth checking out.





The Runner can be viewed on Vimeo On Demand here.

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