Review on “The Window”

Death is never something that makes people happy, unless it’s a certain person.

Everyone knows however, it’s only natural and the last few moments of life are ones to cherish.

Even in the last moments, there still are special moments, even for the 3 characters in this short.

Patients in a hospital room with only one window, and each other for company.

At the window, Jack sits and tells his two roommates what’s happening outside.

Next to him, Heather enjoys what she hears and her company having fun in her final days.

Depressed Gerard however doesn’t seem to be enjoying his stay at the hospital though.

Because Jack is the only one who gets a window and because of his death on the horizon.

Everyone has a valuable role and they appreciate having one another despite the ending coming near

After all, they’ll have had a special bond to remember in their last few days of living.

Unfortunately, they don’t exactly all die on the same days, bringing some anxiety amongst them

Though there is still a lot of amazing emotion within the acting.

Interior-wise, the set does not look like much, but minimalism is what makes a film more impressive.

Furthermore, the hard work of the director and writer shows through the stunning performances.

Ultimately a very well thought out film that captures the sad moments and makes them heartwarming.

Loved this short film as it gave me a sad but charming feel within my soul.

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