Pas la Grosse Sophie (Review)

Decided to look at something a lot less hostile and a little more interesting. I watched this French-language drama simply known as Pas la Grosse Sophie (Not with Fat Sophie), which depicts teenage Simon (Louka Grenon) going through a rough moment in his life where he feels for a girl.

His friend and duplex neighbour Stephane (Ricky Demers) brags about how he met a girl named Sophie (Ludivine Reding) and had sex with her. Simon wants to be in love himself, but Stephane says his only chance is with another Sophie in their school, Grosse Sophie (Rosalie Berard). Stephane claims to have experience with women, saying Simon isn’t cool. (Stephane to Simon: “Your swag is — you don’t have any!”)

When Stephane asks Simon if he can have his room for another Sophie sex session, Simon refuses and the two go on with their school day. Later, Simon gets away with texting in class to Stephane while his teacher reads about how roads are built or something like that. Eventually Simon caves in and lets Steph borrow the room. Sophie meets Simon and tells him Steph is actually very inexperienced. (Sophie: “He can’t even unstrap my bra.”)

When Simon and Sophie finally rendezvous in his room, they find it cold, but decide to make the best of it. Simon decides to play some records he got from his friend Francis  (the only character without S for a first initial). Hours later, Sophie leaves, thinking Simon is a musician. How it went in the bedroom is unknown at best, but things are about to change for the two friends.

This was an okay film, but I think there could’ve been more story, and I mean much more. That ending was a bit sudden and could have more story after it, to make it more interesting. I also think Fat Sophie could’ve been a slightly more prominent character. All she gets is one spoken line, and a chance to give the finger. I still liked this movie though, as it depicts awkward teenage situations. Remember, never brag about your sex life. Also, never lend someone your room for them and their partner.

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