No Way Out (Review)

Being a Vancouverite myself, I usually steer clear of E Hastings. But sometimes, I have to pass by the area. Almost everybody knows it’s important to steer clear of the area. But not everybody knows what the residents are really like. Gabor Gasztonyi shows us the inside of some people’s lives with his first ever documentary which takes a close personal look at some of his close personal friends. Gabor’s friend Harry Ashley talks about the drugs he’s taken, as well as what his life was like, explaining how he got to where he was. When Harry was very young, he ran away from his abusive stepfather in hopes of escaping to a newer better life, only for things to get more chaotic. Other people involved in the documentary included Melody Ann Marie Kitchener, who talked about how she’s been a druggy since 13 and has tried her hardest to give up drugs, her boyfriend Rick Ericksson who was raised in a rich family, only to lose everything, Ashley Duck who enjoys heroine but always finds herself dealing with being mistreated, and Harry Ashley’s partner, Gertrude.

The whole documentary explores these people’s lifestyles, talking about drugs, overdosing, side effects, and mostly the community around them. The stories are very thoroughly detailed in providing the insider look of anyone on drugs. The shots provided when showing E Hastings are professionally pulled off and done with ease, which isn’t possible on a street like that. As for the whole plot/outline of the documentary, It’s very dark in feeling, and while even a bit shocking, really dwells into a subject that people should discuss a bit more of. Because not everyone realizes that people on E Hastings are struggling and have people that care about them. Usually people only think of E Hastings as an example if they take a druggy lifestyle without thinking. But no, there’s more to it than just that. And I’m hoping that more people will see this when they watch this documentary. It’s really impressive.

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