Musketeers Forever (Review)

All for one and one for all. Good for nothing and nothing at all.

Taking place in Las Vegas, unlike some of the last few full lengths I have reviewed. Okay, enough of that, we get to the main detail of our movie. Ben O’Connor (Lee Majors) has found a great use for the spendings from a poker game he won during the opening credits, a rundown tavern somewhere in the Indian land section of Las Vegas. He invites his colleagues, Julius (Daniel Pilon) and Roland (Serge Houde) who used to be secret agents working alongside him. Now they have a new business which is a jazz club called The Three Musketeers. Whose dream out of the three was this, I wonder?

Anyways, they bring in some employees such as their dead associate’s son D’Artagnan (Michael Dudikoff), a couple waitresses, and even a long haired geek named Mike (Jason Cavlier). But D’Artagnan finds himself falling in love with a waitress named Malila (Sabine Karsenti) who at first has no interest. The story continues to focus more on D’Artagnan, who tries to woo Malila by visiting her home, Indian Creek where the Indians are currently dealing with a crisis of losing their land to a casino planned by Big-shot Gangster Crawford (Martin Neufeld) who may also shut down Ben’s club. So the Three Musketeers Club and Indian Creek (I can’t believe I’m typing this) must find a way to join together against Crawford. That sort of sounds better than what really happens, let’s just say.

Well, I don’t know what to say about this one. Creativity-wise, this wasn’t very creative. Not just in the names of local places, but also the dialogue and pretty much everything. The story was done before itself, and the characters, well, didn’t have much in the terms of development. Not to mention, most of these actors aren’t very well known. Once again, another Canadian film that uses below C-list celebrities. Don’t even get me started on the fight scenes. They were almost choreographed with silliness and to up the campy even more, the editor put in that unrealistic punch sound effect combined with minimal other sounds. Personally, I think musketeer films are somewhat redundant, and Canadian versions aren’t always the best.

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