3 Hommes et un Masque de Fer (Review)

A film about three men and an iron mask, this film is loosely based on the Three Musketeers.

Now the three of them are retired and spending their time in a bar, almost unaware of a villain approaching. Of course, one would think he’s the villain as he’s wearing all black and carrying a sword with him in public. Also, he’s not very polite when it comes to service. Some card players lose to a cheater in their poker game, and take him on themselves, threatening to cut him open, one player being Isaak Porthos (Jean-Pierre Lazzerini).

As soon as they bump into the supposed villain though, he reveals himself to be Olivier D’Athos (Marc Andreoni). The two musketeers Isaak and Olivier hug, not having seen each other in years. Surely enough, a brawl breaks out amongst the other bar patrons and whoever owns the place doesn’t kick them out whatsoever. The patrons just watch as the two friends duel out all the other fighters with comical fight moves mixed with fencing, while folk music plays in the background.

The third musketeer, Rene D’Aramis, (Jacques Chambon) reveals himself as a bishop after the fight is over. As they all hang out over a drink and talk about how they have changed over the years, Rene says he has improved himself. The three of them are long retired, but Rene has a plan to take them on their last big adventure. His plan is to kidnap Louis XIV and replace him with an impostor, Louis’s unknown long lost brother named Philippe (Bob Levasseur), a man in an iron mask.

The next morning, they prepare to meet outside the church at happy hour ready for their last big adventure. To pass the time waiting for Rene, Philippe teaches them to play soccer, a game he played in prison. Olivier comments it will never catch on, being a stupid game. But soon he finds himself playing — until too much fun results in a critical injury, and suddenly they must find a suitable replacement for Philippe before Rene gets back.

This was a hilarious little film to watch. I like how they got in every little detail of the  time period (except for that one time Rene checked his wrist, and smoked a cigarette later). The shots and fight scenes were well planned out, even if a bit silly. One of the ones from Traveling Films that actually makes sense.

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