Mental (Review)

A dark concept brought to life in a short film through magical visuals. Throughout Mental, we follow Alicia, our fearful and miserable protagonist as she finds herself in a room with a painting that seems to be painting itself. Alicia comes across many frightening ordeals in her battle for happiness as a voice inside her head continuously pesters her. All while she tries to find the absolute cure for her feelings of woe. Only the glitter of time will tell if she can truly save herself.

This was an incredible movie to watch. Despite it being short, the visuals and the artistic appearance of the set design are so amazing. The story itself tells much more than one can imagine through the surrealism and it’s certainly an experience I can relate to as I’ve been feeling a similar feel for the past year now. Made with incredible skill by Meeshelle Neal who came up with the story and Jax Smith who directed. Plus they both worked together on writing and doing a bit of producing on this amazing piece, I praise them both and everyone on the crew for doing such a spectacular job and hope to see more quality work of theirs in the future.

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