League of Exotique Dancers (Review)

It feels like I’ve been looking at these ever since… Well, never mind. I shouldn’t get into detail of that. I should instead go into detail of burlesque dancers involved in this documentary. Featuring talented burlesque dancers like Camille 2000, Toni Elling, Marinka, Gina Bon Bon, and many more as they showcase their history, their lifestyle, and other interesting secrets. Now, many people have had mixed opinions about Burlesque dancers. From Sensual to Sexist. While this documentary focuses on burlesque, and many people view the content as lewd, the details about burlesque lifestyle are very fantastically explained. These dancers explain what went into their routines, and the good old days of burlesque from years ago. Burlesque isn’t the same as it used to be with all the pole dancing and lap danncing, nowadays. Burlesque can be a beautiful work of art and performance but it takes a lot of preparation and effort to put on the sexiest shows, as indicated in this extradordinary documentary. However all that effort pays off when men are cheering for you and enjoying the exciting methods of stripping. The interviews were full of history and steady information, the subject material is exciting and impressive, and everything comes together like an exotique show with all the astounding elements.


Image Courtesy of clarita on Morguefile

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