In Guns We Trust (Review)

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a gun?

This 13-minute documentary tells the story of how in Kennesaw, Georgia, good people are always armed. The documentary begins with photographer Nicolas Lévesque sending a very practical email to the director of Georgia Gun Owners about his trip to Kennesaw to study the gun law — which requires every household to have at least one gun. However, when the director says he doesn’t care for Lévesque’s visit and even states that the gun right was given to them by God, Lévesque goes to Kennesaw and see what it’s really like.

Different citizens explain how the gun law started, what they personally think about self defense, and how they feel. Most people feel secure and self reliant about carrying guns. Others are happily saying the already low burglary rate dropped much more since the gun law got passed, and now they claim Kennesaw is one of the safest places to live. The citizens include a museum owner, a police officer, a gun salesman and several others.

Most of the footage is pictures of people showing off their guns, and footage of shooting ranges. There’s not really any video recorded reviews, rather they’re audio voiceovers. However there was a majority of a gun smith showing how to take apart and construct one of the best guns of the city. He also concludes that guns are their culture and that guns aren’t dangerous, but the people who get them are. That seems to be what most people say nowadays.

For a documentary, this was pretty short and simple. The edgy music made it seem like Kennesaw was a bit creepy itself. It could have had a little more footage but they didn’t have much to work with though. It turned out pretty well anyway.

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