Faillir (Review)

Faillir (Failing) is a French-language film about moving on.

Ariane (Noemi Lira) is moving away from her small village to live in Montreal. However, parting with everything isn’t easy, as she is also leaving behind her strong older brother, played by Antoine Paquin. According to their mother (Sonia Vigneault), they have a stronger bond with each other than usual, which I find a bit creepy.

Ariane shows her brother something she did with a boy simply known as J.P. She seems to doubt herself just because J.P. called her a dirty careless girl, but her brother states that is not true.

After a restless night, Ariane decides to hang out with her brother, who slept much better that night (for sexual reasons). That evening, after a long drive the siblings attend a bonfire. Everyone spends the night jabbering and I can’t understand a word because nobody bothered to add subtitles for this scene. I guess it wasn’t anything important.

Ariane leaves early so she can pack her things. Her brother comes to check on her as she is a bit drunk from the party. The last of the movie doesn’t show much except for intimate situations, and I’d rather not get into too much detail. In fact, it’s kind of awkward that Ariane looks like Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) from 50 Shades of Grey. Of course, it’s not as dirty as some movies I’ve watched in the past.

This was a rather uncomfortable movie with a somewhat sad ending, but I like the fact that Sophie Dupuis was brave enough to write and direct something as disturbing as this.

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